Re-use your old bottles as funky candle holders

Wondering what to do with those bottles that are too nice to throw away? Well look no further, we have put them to use by creating DIY candle holders with our super funky striped candles.


2) Aesthetic Alcohol Bottles (rinsed clean with water)
3) Sharp Knife

These DIY candle holders are super easy to make and are a funky addition to your home.

STEP ONE - CLEAN: Prior to beginning it's important to ensure your bottles of choice are rinsed clean with water.

STEP TWO - SIZING: Naturally, the candle stem is bound to be wider than the opening in the neck of the bottle. To ensure the candles are securely in the bottle, it will most likely be necessary to use the sharp knife to shave down the bottom of the candle to fit the bottle - this ensures the candle is secure & safe in the holder.

STEP THREE - ASSEMBLE: Once the sizing is right, it is time to assemble. Simply push the candle into the bottle - remember to be GENTLE with these candles as they are delicately made. However, you do need to ensure that they are pushed into the bottle neck with enough force to be secure, but this still doesn't take much oomph!

STEP FOUR - ET VOILA: And you're all done - how easy was that? All that's left to do is light the candles, sit back and watch the beautiful colours of melted wax cascade down the bottle.