The Bee Gees couldn't have said it better, and I couldn't be happier to tell you that we are ALIVE. The whole Covid-19 situation has been so tough on small independent businesses like ours and we are lucky to be coming out the other side, as there are many who haven't been so fortunate. And what's even better is that we now have an official reopening date, so put it straight in the diary boys and girls - Monday 15th June.
We couldn't be more excited to see all our beautiful customers again and have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure this can happen. As I'm sure you could guess, there will have to be particular safety measures in place to make it safe for both the customers and staff. So far, our safe guarding measures are:
  • All customers to use hand sanitiser as they enter the shop (this will be provided)
  • No gloves allowed (as these have been proven to not be so effective, as any germs that might be on your gloves can be transferred to all other surfaces and products you touch)
  • Wearing face masks are advised
  • We will limit the number of people in the store at any one time, most likely to 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs to ensure social distancing is still in place.
  • We will have a sneeze guard at the till.
  • We will not be accepting cash.
  • We will have anti-bacterial cleaner available in the changing rooms and will clean between customers.
  • Items that have been tried on but not purchased will be put on a quarantine rail and steamed before returning to the shop floor.
  • We will  have enhanced daily cleaning procedures.
We are sure this list will continue to grow, but these are our initial thoughts.
We are also happy to announce our new 'Shopping by Appointment' Service. This allows you to book the upstairs boutique to yourself for 60 minutes, free of charge. You can book this via our website. 
FYI our temporary opening hours are as follows:
Mon - Fri and Sun 11 - 4
Sat 10:30 - 4:30
In other news, Donna was interviewed by Leona Fensome at Radio Verulam for their new podcast 'High Street Life'. Click here to listen. (It's great!)
Thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon!
Chloe x