GUEST POST: Mummy, Wife and Chaos at our Spring 2014 Fashion Show

Chloe James Lifestyle Fashion Show

You may have seen me mention this over the last few weeks only to have had no update, it did happen and it went great!
I was incredibly nervous as although it was only a small-ish gathering it was enough to make me want to pass out. So why do it? Charity.

Every year Donna and Maria, owners of Chloe James Lifestyle pick a charity for all proceeds to go towards, this time around it was for Reach Out Plus. The guests had a glass of bubbly and discounted offers- a great girly evening! 
Rather than bore you with waffle I'll crack right on with sharing some great pictures snapped by the talented Michelle from Pink Soul Photography. All clothing can be found either online or instore. Be sure to sign up to the Chloe James newsletter if you want to hear about the next fashion show.

Final prep!
Plenty of Bubbly at Cote!
Samantha Sung Swallows Dress
Soaked in Luxury Oversized Knit
Pamplemousse Swirl Dress
Almost Famous Goddess Dress
Pamplemousse Dress and Top
Culture Jacket & Dress by Sinequanone
Natalie Vleeschouwer Dress
Indi & Cold Dress
Soaked in Luxury Stripe Knit
Indi & Cold Blouse with Pamplemousse Flares
Marie-Sixtine Knit with Pamplemousse Harems
Natalie Vleeschouwer Wrap Dress