GUEST POST: 'Chloe James Lifestyle...will make me Bankrupt', by From Swan to Jam

I'm not sure if this is considered typical blogging.  In fact, I don't actually care, it's my blog and I'll write if I want to!!

I visited the wonderful ladies of Chloe James Lifestyle today (St Albans) for a business meeting for the first time, and they suggested I had a mooch around before we met.  Very clever ladies, very clever.  I mentally spent my entire February and March wages.

From candles (NEOM of course!), to cufflinks, to stunning art, and beautiful and quirky mugs, china, and jewellery, this is my dream store.  On 2 1/2 floors, in fact I just remembered I forgot to look in the kiddies section (phew says James), this is THE place to go if you have a gift to buy, or if you just want to be naughty and treat yourself!
My shopping list:

Alex Monroe Gold Bee £150

        Butterfly Papercut £169

Day Birger Mug £9                             

Comes in Daddy too! Pic £40

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