Your Summer Wardrobe Sorted!

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You may think I’m being a bit optimistic, but I’m definitely more of a Tigger than an Eeyore when it comes to planning my Summer wardrobe! I refuse to believe that I won’t be needing a little sundress and some wafer thin tees before too long. Meanwhile, it is possible to work a Summer Wardrobe right now, you’ve just got to think it through...Let’s start with a new pair of jeans or harem pants and a piece of knitwear. Bright jeans are a must this season and they will see you through the Summer in style. Wear them now with a Slubby Knit Sweater and later with a bright tee (or a white tee if you’re not that brave!) The second trouser you need this year is a printed harem. These snake print harems from Pamplemousse are THE most versatile trouser ever (not to mention the most comfortable!)They look cool with converse or wedge trainers for casual, easy with flats for holiday or shopping and fabulous with heels for the evening!



Another great buy for right now is a maxi dress. These can be worn right away with a wide tee thrown over or a leather jacket for an extra bit of warmth – any of the 3 below would look fabulous with a supersoft Leather Jacket thrown over. (Add a scarf if you’re really chilly!) Equally, when the sun shines (and it will) they look great with just some statement jewellery and sandals. The three shown below are all from Pamplemousse – the queens of easy jersey dressing – and roll up very small for that suitcase!