Mother, Mum, Mummy, Mama - whatever you call her we know she's special so buy her something special this Mothers Day!

It’s that time again…Mothering Sunday is fast approaching and you may be wracking your brains for the perfect gift,or you may have forgotten altogether! Either way, there is plenty of time and we at Chloe James Lifestyle are here to help!
We are sure you tell her regularly how much you love her and how much you appreciate the marvellous job she did in bringing you up, but now you have a chance to show her that you really mean it! Sure, she’ll be happy with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates but, the thing that will really make her day is knowing how much thought you put into getting her something she’ll really like.
That’s where we come in! The team at Chloe James Lifestyle are great at finding that special something that will remind your mum why you were always her favourite! No boring presents here, just a carefully chosen selection of tasteful gifts for all sorts of mums.
For the mum who loves her home, has piles of interiors mags and is thinking of taking shares in Farrow and Ball here are a few suggestions to make her day…
Small Rococo Style Carved Mirror £145
Cygnus Papilio Cushion £65
Set of two Silver Sparrows £22.50
For the mum who thinks you can never have too much jewellery and is on first name terms with Alex Monroe, Katie Mullally and Estella Bartlett…
Alex Monroe Gold Bumblebee Necklace £150.00
Katie Mullally Silver Wishbone Necklace £105.00
Estella Bartlett Hematite Bead Bracelet £15.00
For the mum who reads cookbooks like novels, and likes nothing better than a glass of wine in front of Masterchef…
Pressed Glass Goblets £6.50
Repeat Repeat Bone China Mug £14.50
Three Mini Dip Bowls on Wooden Tray £18.50
And finally, for the yoga mum who’s in touch with the chakras and sensitive to scents…
Daisy Chakra Bracelet £86.00
Neom 3 Wick Candle £39.50
So there you have it – loads of ideas and there’s plenty more where they came from!