Kumquat scented vegan hand soap

The Gift Label 'Ciao Bella' Hand Soap

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The Gift Label 'Ciao Bella' Hand Soap
Ciao Bella! This hand soap softly cleans your hands and smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. The recycled plastic bottles come with happy, colorful labels. This vegan soap is sulfate and dye free. The perfect gift to yourself or someone else.
Pick Scent:  Kumquat & Bourbon Vanilla
Top notes: Raspberry, Kumquat
Heart notes: Jasmine,Tuberose
Base notes: Bourbon vanilla, Sheabutter
Dimensions: Height: 170 mm, Diameter: 70 mm
Contents: 500 ml
Made in Holland, Bottle 100% recycled,  100% vegan, Free from sulfates and dyes