Gentle-man Highly Hydrating Daily Moisturiser


Gentle-man Highly Hydrating Daily Moisturiser 100ml


Our moisturiser is richly formulated with argan oil, an excellent natural moisturising ingredient. Argan oil is a good source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and also oleic acid, a rather good emollient. We have deliberately excluded fragrance from our moisturiser to help those chaps who find fragrance ingredients irritate their skin. After cleansing, squirt a small amount into your hands and massage gently onto your face and neck to soothe and moisturise. Use daily for maximum protection and benefit.

Always avoid contact with eyes.


Inspired by an earlier age when style and etiquette were all the rage, The Gentle-Man Range is a collection of luxury grooming products for modern gentlemen. Formulated using fantastic ingredients and bespoke

fragrances that are effective but gentle on the skin. The Gentle-Man Range is intended as an indulgent grooming regime for those looking for superior quality made skin care products