Gentle-man 'Aloe Sweet Cheeks Lemongrass Shave Cream


Gentle-man Gentle-man 'Aloe Sweet Cheeks Lemongrass Shave Cream


If you like a bit of butter on your cheeks then this is the shave cream for you. It is rich in natural olive and shea butters with added wheatgerm oil and aloe vera. Our lemongrass fragrance contains essential oils of bergamot, lavandin, lemon, petitgrain, orange and lemongrass.

Wet your face with warm water. Apply cream evenly and massage onto your skin. Take it slow and with a good razor, gently shave away that stubble.



Inspired by an earlier age when style and etiquette were all the rage, The Gentle-Man Range is a collection of luxury grooming products for modern gentlemen. Formulated using fantastic ingredients and bespoke

fragrances that are effective but gentle on the skin. The Gentle-Man Range is intended as an indulgent grooming regime for those looking for superior quality made skin care products